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How DO you allow startups to develop novel solutions without direct access to your data?

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Double-Blind Compute

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Actionable Insights

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Build Value Now

Turn Data Collaboration into your superpower

Data is sensitive and insights are valuable. However, giving up control of your raw data is not the way to gain insights. With Sympatic leave your data unexposed to your collaborators and at the same time allow novel solutions to be deployed over your data in a controlled environment.

Accelerators run for 13 weeks. Why does it take 18 months to get a data access agreement?

The timescale differences between corporations and startups kill innovation. At Sympatic we believe data access should not create a new vulnerability for the corporations. Sympatic is the safe way to grant controlled access to data that must stay in the owner's possession and unexposed to anyone beyond the company walls.

Tools to bridge the gap

How to you develop code when you cant see/expose the raw data. Use the Sympatic Notebook with a synthetic analogue of the real data. This synthetic analogue stays in same cloud as the raw data and never leaves. At the same time, your developer has enough data structure and element to validate their code in realtime in the notebook.

The data paradox

Eat your cake and have it too. With Sympatic you get 100% data fidelity when running your algorithms and at the same time there is no loss of sensitive data. The competition leaves you guessing how much noise they added to the data. Do you want to present findings with an unknown amount of variation? Neither would we.

Applications that Matter

Latent data assets are the most valuable commodity that large enterprises have to stay ahead. The value of data is in how effectively you leverage it to improve your business.

Develop Insight Engines

The promise of new data, more data, and better machine learning is known to everyone. However, the path to connect data with insight engines has become opaque and obfuscated by business risk and regulations. Sympatic gives you a clear path through this landscape.

Embrace Disruptive Technology

The rate at which companies fall out of the S&P 500 has accelerated and will only continue to do so. The ability to match technology strategy to the most disruptive innovations has become the new signature of a vanguard company.

Prove out technology value

We would love to believe that every innovation truly has value. Yet we see some companies in innovation retraction. Why? some new technologies do not fit the business model. Sift out unproductive technologies before they become core to your innovation landscape.

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Data is now the most valuable asset in the world. The line between earnings and influential data is becoming thinner and thinner. How do you allow more data power and still maintain data compliance?

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New world health solutions, whole-patient health, precision medicine and synthetic trials are the future. How do you safely orchestrate data access without moving data around?

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Learn how Sympatic can help you harness latent data assets.

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