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Enabling startups to innovate without compromising your data security - how is it possible?

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Safe Data Sandboxes

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Turn Data Collaboration into your superpower

Get your next big data project up in running 80% more quickly. Accelerate your innovation journey from months to mere days with Sympatic's Safe Data Sandbox. As we bridge the agility gap, we enable big corporations to rapidly vet and adopt startup innovations, ensuring you remain at the cutting edge of your industry. Our technology provides startups in regulated sectors with a secure platform to engage with sensitive data confidently, fueling effective decision-making and nurturing synergistic collaborations.

At Sympatic, data security is more than a protective shield; it's a powerful catalyst, driving your growth and transformation. Harness your sensitive data, mitigate the risk of breaches, uphold privacy, and stride confidently in your digital transformation journey.

Sympatic's project-based Safe Data Sandbox is not just a safety net - it's your springboard to success. Securely and efficiently transform your data into a potent asset that fuels your company's growth with Sympatic."

The data paradox

Achieving both 100% data fidelity and safeguarding sensitive information can be a challenge. With Sympatic, you can accomplish both simultaneously. Unlike other solutions that introduce uncertainty through added noise or variation, Sympatic's approach ensures accuracy without sacrificing data privacy. Make informed decisions confidently and without compromise - choose Sympatic.

Applications that Matter

Develop Insight Engines and ML OPs

Get your ML OPs up and running quickly without porting data between your consulting firm and your large corporation.

Embrace Disruptive Technology

The rate at which companies fall out of the S&P 500 has accelerated and will only continue to do so. The ability to match technology strategy to the most disruptive innovations has become the new signature of a vanguard company.

Prove out technology value

We would love to believe that every innovation truly has value. Yet we see some companies in innovation retraction. Why? some new technologies do not fit the business model. Sift out unproductive technologies before they become core to your innovation landscape.

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Sympatic for

Medical Centers

You know there is demand for your data. How do you keep in full control of how your data is used and the value it derives? 

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Sympatic for

Life Sciences

How many copies of valuable data do you have and do you know where they all live? Move to a zero-copy world.

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Begin to see data sharing with end-to-end control of your data.

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