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Sympatic for Medical Centers

allowing Health systems to set rules to share and control data.

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Operationalize your DUA

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Data Use Provenance & Audit

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Disruptive Innovation with Industry

Grants, Partnerships, and Progress Require Data

Sympatic is a data collaboration platform that operates on the zero-copy paradigm, which enables effective data collaboration and drives discovery and innovation.

With Sympatic, academic science researchers can enjoy easier data collaboration, resulting in greater grant funding opportunities. Data science teams can expect faster access to sensitive data, while CISO can enjoy tighter control over sensitive data, reducing risks of data loss or escape and providing a secure record system. Clinical research teams can benefit from greater visibility and tools to accelerate approval and manage data access, while industry collaborations with Life Science/Pharma, AI or medical device companies can grant data use without requiring transfer. Sympatic empowers all stakeholders in data-driven fields to collaborate more effectively, leading to greater discoveries and progress.

Single Pane of Glass Control

Our Single Pane of Glass Control offers a centralized hub for managing all of your data collaborations and partnerships. Whether you need to track past, present, or in-development collaborations, you can access all of them from one place. With our granular Rules of Engagement, starting new data partnerships is effortless. You can invite participants to compute over the data you choose, whether it's for a one-time project or an ongoing collaboration. You have complete control over data usage, allowing you to start, stop, replicate, or kill data use as needed. Plus, you can review the audit log of all interactions with data use and participating partners at any time. Simplify your data collaboration process and stay in control with our Single Pane of Glass Control.

Your cloud, your control

With Sympatic, you have complete control over your cloud-based data. You can easily create and manage project-based secure VirtualVaults® within your public or private cloud instance. Our Sympatic Management portal and direct API control allow for seamless integration with your existing data lake and management tools. You retain complete control over your data, including visibility, access, and output/results that can be viewed or exported. By keeping your data with you, you can ensure its security and maintain full control over its use. Sympatic empowers you to manage your cloud-based data with ease and confidence.

Applications for Data Science

At Sympatic, we believe that latent data assets are the most valuable underutilized commodity that large enterprises have to stay ahead of the competition. To leverage the value of your data effectively, we offer applications for data science that empower your team to improve your business.

DevOps Infrastructure and Security Made Accessible for Data Scientists

With our platform, you can automate the complex DevOps needed to create and manage secure cloud environments in your cloud of choice (currently AWS and GCP, with Azure support coming soon - please enquire about others). This means no more waiting days or weeks for IT to provision the cloud resources you need.

Multiple Coding Environments

We also offer a range of coding environments, including Python, Julia, and R, or your open-source tools so your data scientists can work freely within a Sympatic Notebook environment spun up on demand - without the need for sophisticated DevOps systems engineering.

Open Source Software On Demand

Our platform also enables you to tailor open-source analysis packages into repeatable, containerized, on-demand solutions that are readily available to your data science teams. Let Sympatic help you unlock the full potential of your data assets with our data science applications.

White Paper

New NIH data-sharing requirements have gone into effect. But posting certain data to open registries outside your control makes removable consent challenging and may create risks of patient data exposure and reputational damage. It may also result in loss of data value and intellectual property. Learn how Sympatic can help you navigate these changes and mitigate risk.

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Safe data sandboxes are needed to break through the biggest bottleneck in running innovation on a practical timescale. 

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Sympatic for

Life Science

How many copies of valuable data do you have and do you know where they all live? Move to a zero-copy world.

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