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Zero Copy Data

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Prevent inside threats

Can I do data science without taking a copy?

It is essential to have efficient access to valuable data for research and development purposes. However, data use policies are often unregulated, leading to unauthorized copies and circulation of data within the company. This results in a lack of control over who has access to the data and where it is stored. To overcome this challenge, it is advisable to transition to a zero-copy world.

The Sympatic VirtualVaults offer a solution to this problem by providing secure sandboxes for data users. Within these VirtualVaults, data scientists can execute their workflows on read-only environments without making copies of the data or moving it around the system. The events that occur within the VirtualVaults are documented in a log file, which can be accessed once the VirtualVault is completed. Moreover, each VirtualVault is project-based, making it easy to monitor data usage through the dashboard on a single screen.

Applications that Matter

Empower Research

Research and innovation thrive on data, which can be regarded as their lifeblood. However, sharing data across different departments and external entities can be a protracted and arduous process due to information and control imbalances. By allowing other groups to access and work with your data, you can redress these imbalances and achieve greater information symmetry and control. This, in turn, can broaden your collaborations and speed up your activities, thereby promoting research and boosting your top-line revenues.

Clinical trials and post-market surveillance

Develop a flexible, accurate, and high-performing monitoring system for post-market surveillance during clinical trials, while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and implementing a real-time API-driven approach.

Whole Patient Care

Whole Patient Care is the promise of better population health data. Having the ability to gain insights from several patient data sources allows for predictive modeling and outcome sensitivity modeling to better understand how to deploy resources to the most at-risk patient demographics.

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Safe data sandboxes are needed to break through the biggest bottleneck in running innovation on a practical timescale. 

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Medical Centers

You know there is demand for your data. How do you keep in full control of how your data is used and the value it derives? 

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