Sympatic VirtualVault™ for Shared Data Use

COVID-19 Data Sharing

In this environment of global uncertainty, information is more important than ever. Sympatic technology is poised to allow for sharing of disparate data for essential insights. We are currently working with parties to allow data to be used for the good of all, and we are also looking for contacts who want to help with their data or analysis with the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us with any questions or requests at covid-19 at sympatic dot com.

We enable sharing for analysis over valuable or sensitive data.

Sympatic is dedicated to building cloud-based tools that allow data owners to grant counter-parties access to compute over their data. With our VirtualVault™, our goal is to make the world’s health data shareable via an efficient market. We believe the next big leap in health outcomes and longevity will result from the application of AI and advanced analytics over data at scale only if the data is accessible in a secure and trusted manner. We are engineering -focused with an exceptional team of talented and mission-driven individuals.

VirtualVault™ Technology

Sympatic’s VirtualVault™ allows for the temporary access to data while allowing the control to remain with the user. Data is only available for a single use, preventing the possibility of accidental exfiltration. Our could-based technology provides logging and audit so that your contract enforcement has teeth. Contact us for pricing and usage.

Data has Value

Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy. The Enterprise data of a single Hospital system may be worth billions of dollars. Yet data as an asset has been difficult to monetize – because of security/sensitivity/privacy and because, until now, data as a digital asset could not be protected once it was given to a partner to use. Sympatic changes everything. Partner with your data without losing visibility or control. Access the immense value of untapped data assets.

Data Volume is Exploding and Outpacing our Ability to Aggregate and Analyze

Data volume is exploding across domains and verticals. Both structured and unstructured data are doubling every 2 years. In Healthcare alone, the value lost due to lack of data sharing exceeds $300 billion per year. Organizations that can harness the untapped power to partner and collaborate over massive data, at scale and at speed, stand to gain tremendous advantages.

We are the Big Data you were looking for.

Today, less than 0.5% of available data is actually being analyzed. Most data is locked in silos – The McKinsey Global Institute estimates the cost of data silos in healthcare alone at over $300B/year. Sympatic provides data owners with simple to use open cloud systems to control what data they wish to partner over, with whom and under what conditions. Everything remains under the control of the owner. Data does not have to be copied away to be used.

Redefining Data Ownership

It’s your data, stop giving it away! Sympatic’s proprietary patent-pending VirtualVault™ cloud technology allows data owners to retain control over their data while also allowing analytics to run over data without giving the data away. Keep control of your data. Preserve privacy and control while making the most of your data without being tied to a single technology partner.

An efficient market rewards data owners/creators

At Sympatic, we believe that efficient markets create enormous value. An efficient market in data requires that the owner/custodians maintain control over their data rights and be integrated into the value chain.

De-identification is zero protection

De-identified data can be readily re-identified with trivial ease. There is now a growing recognition that data must be simultaneously sharable to derive benefits and kept secure so that it is neither transferred nor stolen. Sympatic is the only technology solving this problem – a hard technical problem architected 10x cheaper and 10x better than any other solution. 

Our Game-changing approach

At Sympatic, we believe…
1) That sensitive data should remain in place at the primary source or system of record.
2) That consent to use data should be revocable and data must maintain full provenance.
3) That for an efficient market to thrive, the creators and owners of data must be included in the value chain and share in the value created.
4) That data should be used at the source where it resides. The most current, most connected and most valuable data resides at the point of collection.
These are the core principles that guide our architecture, engineering, and design.

Sympatic VirtualVault™: Trust but Verify

We turn the current model on its head. We allow compute in the cloud. Sympatic’s VirtualVault™ data fiduciary system allows data owners to securely share data without moving it from their own cloud environment. Sympatic provides audit over data access, egress, and use. Rather than a monolithic system that disconnects data from its source and owner, we allow ‘compute’ to come to the data. Deploying Sympatic VirtualVault™ eases contract enforcement, lowers barriers to data sharing agreements and opens up new revenue and partnership opportunities. Our secure and open thin layer API system is flexible for deployment into a wide range of existing data warehouse and clinical systems of record. 


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