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About Sympatic

The Why

Piers Nash was part of the team tasked with creating the Genomic Data Commons. This 15.5-petabyte cloud houses the genetic code of thousands of US citizens and was intended to be an open-source library to allow for the next big wave of health innovation. Upon its release, darker entities started downloading the database in its entirety and the ability to only allow the data to be used for good was lost. Piers wanted a way to promote data sharing while providing the data owner with the knowledge that the data was not escaping to be used in deleterious ways.

How we build

The Sympatic team develops with reductive elegance. Much as a sculptor removes stone to reveal the underlying creation, we believe keeping our code clean and minimalistic is the key to building truly revolutionary technologies. We aim for workflows that sit above technologies; to build software that is modular and composable; to provide automation via codification to simplify cloud infrastructure and DevOps; and in architecting resilient systems that self-heal and auto-recover. Above all we practice pragmatism and adaptability, reflecting open-mindedness and humility to accept that we may be wrong.


We foster a culture of learning, critical thinking, challenging and continual improvement of our product, our business model and ourselves.


Sympatic is a Techstars Portfolio Company (TS Boulder 2020) and Creative Destruction Labs (Calgary, Alberta 2021).

Meet the Team

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