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Sympatic for Healthtech

Accelerate your path to PRECISION Medicine discovery

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Better Data = Better Outcomes

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Faster Access

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Protect Your Algorithm

Can I do data science without owning data?

Access to real-world health data is the lifeblood of precision medicine

Sympatic allows you the ability to develop your analysis over synthetic data and then turn around and launch it over raw data without ever exposing either side's IP. Why this over synthetic data alone? Synthetic data is a revolutionary breakthrough in data sharing and readily brings up the need to allow innovation to come from health data while maintaining data sovereignty and patient protection. Synthetic data quickly gets pushed beyond its ability when looking for the rarest and profound events. When you need 100% data fidelity to find rare events Sympatic is a must-have.

Applications that Matter

Empower Research

Data is the life-blood of HealthTech. Data powers discovery, innovation, and improved patient care. Health data is highly sensitive and this has historically held back the use of data in ways that would improve outcomes. Now you can maximize the use of your data while maintaining owner/custodian control with simple APIs and Single Pane of Glass management control.

Clinical trials and Post-market surveillance

Deploy your post-market surveillance monitoring procedures in a real-time API-driven context. Build monitoring that is flexible, accurate, and performative; all this while maintaining regulator requirements.

Whole Patient Care

Whole Patient Care is the promise of better population health data. Having the ability to gain insights from several patient data sources allows for predictive modeling and outcome sensitivity modeling to better understand how to deploy resources to the most at-risk patient demographics.

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Accelerators run for 13 weeks and master service data agreements take 18 months. How can innovators find novel data solutions while in program? 

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Data is now the most valuable asset in the world. The line between earnings and influential data is becoming thinner and thinner. How do you allow more data power and still maintain data compliance?

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Learn how Sympatic can help you begin harnessing previously useless or inaccessible data.

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