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Sympatic for Fintech

You need to be on the inside of the next big disruptive technology

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Use of Vendor Technologies

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Maintain Governance

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Disruptive Innovation

Access Vendor technologies

You know you need to stay on the crest of the disruptive innovation wave, but how do you ensure you aren't wasting resources chasing charlatans? Gain the ability to use a data sandbox method to allow several companies to rapidly prove their value without exposing your core data to business risk. Bring Sympatic to your innovation tool kit and 10x your rate of innovation sourcing.

Single Pane of Glass Control

See all your past, present, and in-development data partnerships in one place. Start new data partnerships with granular rules of engagement. Invite participants to compute over the data you select - one time or ongoing. Start, stop, replicate or kill data use. Review the audit log of all interactions with data use and participating counter-parties at any time.

Your cloud, your control

Create, manage and terminate any number of VirtualVaults® within your public or private cloud instance. Sympatic Management portal plus direct API control allow you to integrate into your existing data lake and data management.

Sovereign Data, Federated Data

Sympatic's flexible architecture was developed with dynamic data ownership in mind. Your data stays in your cloud and your possession. At the same time, Sympatic allows multi-party data computation without physically aggregating the data. Gain the power of multiple data wells without solving for the intractable problems in aggregating multi-party sensitive data.

Use data where it lives. No need to create copies. No new regulatory or compliance risks.

Applications that Matter

Latent data assets are the most valuable commodity that large enterprises have to stay ahead. The value of data is in how effectively you leverage it to improve your business.

Client On-boarding

Partner to use and share sensitive client data without exposure, loss or compliance risk. Improve COB speed and efficiency.

Anti-Money Laundering

External partnerships to improve AML.

Know Your Customer

Improve data hand-offs and increase client intelligence while reducing the risk of client data exposure or loss.

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Sympatic for


Accelerators run for 13 weeks and master service data agreements take 18 months. How can innovators find novel data solutions while in program? 

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Sympatic for


New world health solutions, whole-patient health, precision medicine and synthetic trials are the future. How do you safely orchestrate data access without moving data around?

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Learn how Sympatic can help you begin harnessing previously useless or inaccessible data.

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