by Sympatic

Sympatic VirtualVault®: Trust but Verify

We turn the current model on its head. We allow compute in the cloud. Sympatic’s VirtualVault® data fiduciary system allows data owners to securely share data without moving it from their own cloud environment. Sympatic provides audit over data access, egress, and use. Rather than a monolithic system that disconnects data from its source and owner, we allow ‘compute’ to come to the data. Deploying Sympatic VirtualVault® eases contract enforcement, lowers barriers to data sharing agreements and opens up new revenue and partnership opportunities. Our secure and open thin layer API system is flexible for deployment into a wide range of existing data warehouse and clinical systems of record. 

Sympatic’s VirtualVault® allows for the temporary access to data while allowing the control to remain with the user. Data is only available for a single use, preventing the possibility of accidental exfiltration. Our could-based technology provides logging and audit so that your contract enforcement has teeth. Contact us at sales at sympatic dot com for pricing and usage.