Management Team

Piers Nash, CEO

Piers Nash, Founder and CEO

As Founder and CEO of Sympatic, Piers Nash, MBA, PhD, is dedicated to developing cloud technology that promotes data liquidity in healthcare. A biochemist and cancer biologist with 20 years of academic experience, Piers joined the faculty at The University of Chicago in 2004. He authored over 50 academic publications before moving on from research to focus on enterprise-level business strategy and pursue an MBA at The Booth School of Business. Piers spent 2 years with the Center for Data Intensive Science where they developed the first of its kind national Genomic Data Commons to democratize access and speed discovery. Today the Genomic Data Commons continues to expand, holding some 15 PB of data on over 15,000 patients. As part of the Cancer Moonshot Initiative, this serves thousands of research projects around the globe as they seek new and better cures and paves the way for a better future of analytics-informed optimal treatment for all.

Dr. Nash brings his experience with petabyte scale genomic, health and environmental data along with skill developing partners across the broad public-private ecosystem dedicated to advancing big data discovery and transforming the future of healthcare.

Joe Sislow, Co-Founder and Chief Data Architect

Joe Sislow joins Sympatic Inc. after five years as Lead Data Engineer and Co-Software Lead in the Center for Translational Data Science and Center for Data Intensive Science at the University of Chicago. During that time, Joe served as Lead DevOps and Architect for the National Cancer Institute Genomic Data Commons. The NCI-GDC is the largest and most advanced scientific Data Commons for biomedical research in the world. Comprising 15.5 PB of on-prem object storage at the University of Chicago, the NCI-GDC was a pioneering project in aggregating and delivering high quality standardized genomic and clinical data serving thousands of research groups worldwide. Joe was also involved in the development of cutting edge open-source Gen3 Data Commons technology that underpins a growing number of scientific data commons projects around the globe.

Prior to joining the University of Chicago team, Joe had over two decades of experience in the developing video games, with roles spanning design, production and engineering. Old arcade junkies may know his work from titles such as Guitar Hero Arcade and classic arcade remasters like Centipede and Joust. In Joe Sislow, Sympatic has a technical co-founder capable of driving to rapidly develop and deploy our core cloud software, building on the most advanced systems on earth.

Advisory Board

Sympatic is advised by some of the top technology and strategic minds in the country.

Eric Posner

Eric Posner is the 3rd most highly cited legal scholar in America. He is the Kirkland & Ellis Distinguished Service Professor of Law, Arthur and Esther Kane Research Chair at The University of Chicago. Among other things, Eric will help Sympatic develop a robust Data Governance structure.

Posner’s 2018 book Radical Markets with E. Glen Weyl discusses the issue of data ownership and rights from an economic perspective and was widely lauded in The Economist and elsewhere. Chapter 5 of Radical Markets, entitled Data as Labor, notes the need to treat data is something more than a subject of exploitation and that compensating for data creation and use can power economic growth. We greatly appreciate Eric’s perspective on data rights and privacy frameworks and with his help we look forward to enabling a new efficient market for data.

“Sympatic is establishing a truly ‘radical market’ to transform the use of healthcare data. You remind me of Google in the early years”

Eric Posner

Michael Franklin

Michael is the Liew Family Chair of the Computer Science Department at the University of Chicago. An authority on databases, data analytics, data management and distributed systems, he also serves as senior advisor to the provost on computation and data science.  Previously Michael was at the University of California, Berkeley, where he was the chair of the Computer Science Division of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. (more) At Berkeley he co-founded and directed the Algorithms, Machines and People Laboratory (AMPLab), a leading academic big data analytics research center known for creating industry-changing open source Big Data software including Apache Spark and BDAS, the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack.  Michael also founded and was chief technology officer of Truviso, a data analytics company acquired by Cisco Systems. He received the Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin in 1993, a Master of Software Engineering from the Wang Institute of Graduate Studies in 1986, and the B.S. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Massachusetts in 1983.

Anjali Gurnani

Anjali Gurnani is the former Chief of Staff, VP Product Strategy and Operations, VP Security at Uptake Inc. (Uptake is an industrial predictive analytics SaaS company valued at $2.3B on its 2018 funding round). Ms. Gurnani is a Sympatic Technical Advisor, advising on Product, Security, and Operations. Anjali is a highly accomplished talent in the Chicago tech world passionate about building, leading and mentoring enterprise software/SaaS product teams. Experienced in all aspects of product life cycle management with expertise in product strategy, launching new products, market expansion and driving execution of the overall portfolio. Held product roles in high tech companies at different business stages, ranging from emerging startup to venture-backed software and Fortune 500.

“Advanced data analytics will usher countless industries to new heights of productivity and efficiency, but access to data is the true value driver. Conventional tools cannot address the business and technical needs for both sides of a data transfer. Sympatic is the first company I have seen with a mission to ease the pain for data providers. It is a problem that is often underestimated and overlooked.  Sympatic will break down these barriers and accelerate the creation of insights that were never possible before.” 

Anjali Gurnani

Keith Olson

Keith Olson is advising Sympatic on Finance and Operations. Keith has 25+ years experience building businesses including 9 years at Renewable Energy Group (REG) as senior management building a $2B revenue biofuels business; 15 years investment banking at First Chicago, ABN AMRO; 3 years software development at Accenture and InfoSmythLLC startup; MBA from Chicago Booth.

“I am excited to work with the Sympatic team as it redefines the healthcare data marketplace with an innovative solution to data ownership, sharing, access, and analyses. Piers and Joe have a clear vision and interesting business model for significantly upgrading the use and value of data, and they bring relevant experience given their prior success in building an advanced, unified data repository for the National Cancer Institute.” 

Keith Oslon